How to Make Creative Lettering

Making creative lettering is a very good art technique for children who cannot fully understand letters. It sometimes gets very boring for teachers to paint all the letters in a similar manner which creates a lot of problems for children who sometimes do not understand similar looking letters. Even parents can make creative lettering for their young ones with sheer passion and sometimes they do not pay attention to create them differently. Making creative lettering can be fun for the whole family. If you want to make creative lettering then there are a few easy methods that you can use.


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    Understand creative lettering

    You should collect information before doing anything related to the topic. It is very important that you know what you are going to do. Sometimes if you do not understand the topic well, it will give you lots of problems. So in order to go in the right direction, you should get the right information and understand how you are going to do any specific task.

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    Use internet

    For the right kind of information, you should consult and use the internet. The internet nowadays is the best source of information and can give you exactly what you are looking for. On the web, you can find many sites which will guide you on creative lettering. There are also many skilled people who can tell you about creative letters and how can you create them easily.

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    Draw letters with pencil

    The first thing in making creative lettering is to take some white paper and draw specific letters with the help of a pencil. It will create a clear outline for you to draw or colour easily into the letter.

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    Next letter in a little different manner

    It is also important that you should write the next letter in a little different manner as it will give a funky appeal. Children love different types of bright colours. Use darker shades on the edges of the letters.

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    Paint middle of the word first

    Painting the middle word first is also a good technique as it will allow you to paint all the letters with perfection. The colours should remain within the outline of the drawing as well.

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    Different pattern in letters or words

    Different pattern in letters or words will also create a good impact. You can use some white colour in the word or even blue. You can put some dots in the words as well.

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