How to Make a Pocket Sized Pencil Drawing Kit

Making a pocket sized pencil drawing kit is somewhat difficult but if you follow some essential guidelines, you can very well be able to successfully make a pocket sized pencil drawing kit. Many artists around the world need to have these types of small pocket sized pencil drawing kits which they use to make instant sketches for any type of artistic work. People who need to make instant drawings often feel difficulty to draw with lots of pencils and kits but if you need to draw instantly you can make a good pencil kit which will certainly fit in your pocket.


  • 1

    Measuring lead holder

    Before making a pocket sized pencil drawing kit, you need to measure the length of the pencil lead holder as it will give you important information regarding how large the pencil lead is. Measuring the length will also help you prepare the pencil kit which will fit in your pocket.

  • 2

    Hardness of pencil

    You can also decide as to how hard a pencil you want to include in your kit. It will also give you an idea on the different pencils that are available and suitable for pocket sized drawing kit. Remember to choose a pencil with a hardness that is acceptable for drawing and writing as well.

  • 3

    Divide the length

    By dividing the length of the pencil along with the holder of the number of hardness you want to include is also important to create a pocket sized pencil kit. You should decide whether this method is accurate or not as hardness of the lead pencil can certainly give you an idea as to how big your pencil kit will be.

  • 4

    Cutting a piece of pencil lead

    You can then cut the pieces of the pencil lead into small pieces. These pieces of the pencil lead and the length which you have determined will surely give the right hardness you are looking for.

  • 5

    Load pencil leads

    In the end, you should try to load the pencil leads and store them in the holder. Now you can put the pencil lead holder and tiny drawings on a pad to see how well you have been able to make this pencil kit.

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