How to Paint Porcelain Ornaments

Porcelain ornaments can be converted into elegant decorative items for your home or as a beautiful Christmas gift to your friends and family. Ceramics have their own beauty but you can further enhance them by painting more colours onto them. Although you can find painted ceramics from the market but the fun of painting yourself and then presenting the gift to your loved ones is something very pleasing for you. It is not a difficult task to achieve and you can easily paint a set of porcelain ornaments for your family.

Things Required:

Porcelain ornaments
Acrylic paints of your choice
Dry cloth
Paint brushes or sponges
Glitter (optional)
Beads or any other decorative items (optional)


  • 1

    You can purchase your desired ceramic objects from the market. Choose the ornaments according to the purpose you are about to serve and opt for creative designs if you are to gift them to someone.

  • 2

    Wipe the ceramics you bought with dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris on them. If you find some stubborn dirt marks on the ornaments, you can use a damp cloth to scratch them off but be careful not to damage the object, as they are fragile and easily breakable.

  • 3

    Next you have to prepare the place where you are to perform the painting job. Cover up the area with newspapers so that any drops of paint do not spoil the place. You can lay newspapers on the table and around it as well.

  • 4

    Put small amount of acrylic paint onto the Styrofoam tray to begin the painting. Use the painting brush to mix the different colours and make the shade of your choice.

  • 5

    Start painting the porcelain ornament with the brush. You need to keep your hand as static as possible while painting your desired design on the object. Apply small quantities of paint on the ornament and then spread it with the brush. A sponge can be used to give different textures on the ornament, creating a fading effect by wiping out small amount of paint with it.

  • 6

    Keep mixing and painting the object until you are done with your design. Try not to leave any portion of the ornament unpainted.

  • 7

    Let the objects to dry completely. The time required for drying is normally written on the cover of paint.

  • 8

    Apply clear acrylic paint spray for bringing shine or you can leave it as is it for matt finish.

  • 9

    You can use glitter, beads or any other suitable object to decorate the painted ornaments.

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