How to Apply Duracoat to a Gun

DuraCoat manufactures finest guns’ finished products in the world. It has several colours and designs for your firearm. In addition to this it gives a professional touch when applied. It gives a new look to your weapon after applying for only few hours.

DuraCoat is the industry leader in this field. It sells firearm paints in kit which has specific mixture of colours and patterns. They also come in different camouflage designs. Thus opting DuraCoat is the great for hunters or for guns collectors.

Things Required:

– Newspapers
– MEK or Methyl Ethyl Ketone
– Denatured alcohol
– Air-sprayer


  • 1


    First of all you need to decide where to apply DuraCoat. You should apply DuraCoat outside or open area. In case you are applying in a garage then open the windows and door. The place should be well ventilated.

  • 2

    Place Newspapers

    On the surface where you have decided to spray DuraCoat, you should place newspapers. If you are working indoors then place newspapers or a cover on the things place near.

  • 3

    Disassemble and clean

    Next you need to disassemble your gun and then clean it properly. Remember that you need to check out for the presence of oil. You need to wipe it off. MEK or methyl ethyl Ketone can be used to clean your firearm. You can place this solution in a pan and dip the parts of your firearm in it for cleaning.

  • 4

    Apply denatured alcohol

    Presence of oil can peel of DuraCoat. Thus in order to make sure there is no oil on the parts you need to apply denatured alcohol after disassembling and cleaning it.

  • 5

    Blue painter’s tape

    For parts you do not want to apply paint, you can cover them with blue painter’s tape.

  • 6

    Apply lacquer thinner

    For removing paint which you have accidently applied, you can dip it in a pan containing lacquer thinner.

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    DuraCoat paint set-up

    You need to set the compressor to 30 psi of the air sprayer. Then make the colour you desire by mixing DuraCoat paints. Pour one part of hardener into 12 parts of DuraCoat paint in the air-sprayer and shake it.

  • 8

    Apply DuraCoat

    In the end you need to apply the DuraCoat paint with air-sprayer. Remember to hold the tip few inches away from the parts. Apply from left to right and re-spray for better results. After spraying, leave the parts to dry.

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