How to Use Pencil Proportions in a Drawing

Even if you did not go to art school, you can easily create a pencil drawing, which will be pleasing to the eye. There are different ways to turn your photo into a pencil drawing. However, every artist must follow certain techniques to draw with the help of a pencil.

If you decide to paint a portrait of a dog, choose one with an expressive face and beautiful hair such as a Husky. These animals are used to in living and hunting in harsh conditions and will be excellent models for both experienced and novice artists.


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    Try to work with a pencil. Start drawing with the thick fluffy tail of the huskies. Sharpen two pencils so that one can be used for drawing lines and the other can be used to use shades and proportions. You can draw the silhouette of standing or sitting dog.

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    Attach a sheet of paper on an easel or tablet - so you will be more comfortable while drawing. In the center of the sheet, mark the outlines of the future design, for example, in this context we have taken an example of a husky. Try to draw the outer edges of the animal and try to start the drawing after making two symmetrical triangles at the top. So, it will become easier for you to draw the head, ears and neck.

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    Inside the oval, draw two horizontal lines. Mark the location of one eye and start drawing the nose in the other. Divide the vertical triangle in half. This axis of symmetry is necessary for drawing. Now draw two lines that lie just under the angle and indicate the dog's shoulders.

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    On either side of the vertical axis mark the corners with small eyes, raised to the temples. Designate a large nose. Now put a shadow around the earlobe and draw a dark line that runs from the forehead to the eyes. Try to give shade to the top of the muzzle, without affecting the cheeks and ears. Rub the pencil lines area with paper towels.

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    Highlight the shadow inside of the ears. Mark an arched thin strip on the forehead that extends to the corners of the eyes. Take an eraser and draw a straight line along the back of the nose. Circle the eyes and nose with greasy pencil line. At the bottom of the muzzle mark the point and draw lines to represent whiskers.

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