How to Find a Car Paint Color Code

If you own a car, then it’s paint will fade eventually, even if you take serious care of it. The road salt and the sun fade it gradually and a day comes when you really feel to repaint your car. At that time, you may need to find your car paint’s code, in order to apply the new paint over it.

Also, if you find scratches on your car, you still need to know your car’s colour code for touch up purpose. The process of finding the car’s colour code is not difficult, provided that you know where to find it.


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    First of all, you should try to find your owner’s manual. The colour code is mentioned on a plate installed in every car. However, it is really difficult to find it, as it is placed in different places in different cars.

    The owner’s manual will not contain the colour code of your car. However, it will certainly have information about the location of the plate in your car, which contains the colour code.

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    Using the owner’s manual, locate the colour code plate installed in your car. Check the code and write it down. Now call your local dealership's service department and ask him about the name of the colour, associated with the code that you found on the colour code plate.

    He will use the code to find the name from the colour code chart and will let you know about the exact name of the colour of your car. Write down the colour name and keep it in safe place.

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    If you are unable to find your owner’s manual, then you can also use Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to find the colour code. You can find the VIN printed at the driver’s side of the dashboard. It will be a 17-digit number. Once you find it, write it down.

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    Call your local dealership's service department and tell the official that you only have VIN of your vehicle and you want to know the colour and the colour code of your vehicle. He will ask you to tell him the VIN. He will check VIN in his records to find the colour code of your vehicle. Afterwards, he will check the code in the colour code chart, to confirm the colour of your vehicle.

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