How to Draw Books for Kids

A Childhood is left imperfect without sketching and paintings. Mostly drawing books are used to learn different shapes, draw characters and help kids to learn & remember different kind of patterns. The Educational development has given birth to various Kinds of drawing books that are accessible for every kid. However, other than the plain pages, the (instruction based drawling books) & (Sketch Drawing books) are also available that teach little children how to draw. In fact, these books are an important tool to help the children to learn how to draw shapes of different vegetables, characters, Alphabets & figures that improvise there learning and understanding experience.

The First thing that would pop up in your head would be ‘’what type of books should I opt for my children’’. In fact, it’s not an easy task you might experience wasting your time at book stores while standing between huge varieties of drawing books. The Better option is to make your very own drawing book. Add the characters of Cartoons that your children watch on Television & write a story by drawing the pictures. Thus, you will also get their concentration and they will enjoy the time.

The Different types of paper that can be used to make a drawing book, they are defined in detail.


  • 1

    Sketch Papers,
    There are different types and sizes of sketch papers available in market. The best option would be to purchase some (A4 size) sketch papers for your kids. Purchase an attractive hard cover to give it an attractive outlook. First of all, draw an image or character on the top of every paper. Fill each page of the paper with dotted images of different alphabets or characters. Ask your kid to draw lines to complete the characters following the pattern given on the top of the paper.
    Things you will require:
    (a). Sketchbook
    (b). Drawing Pencils
    (c). Rubber

  • 2

    Bristol Paper,
    Bristol is a strong paper used for Drawing and sketching purposes. Bristol paper, also known as Bristol board is prepared by coating paper to compose it thicker. It is used for a variety of drawing and sketching acrylic paintings for the reason that it is heavy & will grasp the paint as well. You can use this paper for Middle School children. Design an outline for different products like Television, Cups, bottles, animals, humans even your house and family pictures. Place the product in front of the child and assign him to develop that image.
    Things you will require:
    (a). Graphite Pencils
    (b). Watercolor sketch paper
    (c). Student watercolor pencils
    (d). Marker pens
    (e). Drawing Pencils

  • 3

    Watercolor papers,
    Watercolor papers are machine made papers, usually available in different surfaces. Start with a few essential colors and get to know how each turns out to look and combination. Purchase a tube of the required basic colors including the palette. Draw different types of outlines on the watercolor paper, in the beginning if you have to sketch an image before teaching them to start painting, it is preferred to use a hard pencil to draw some sketches of different objects on the paper. Do not use the soft pencil on the watercolor paper.
    Things you will require:
    (a). Watercolor Brushes
    (b). Watercolor Pens
    (c). Drawing Pencil
    (d). Drawing Board
    (e). an Easel
    (f). Water Container

  • 4

    Computer Software’s,
    If your child is an (8th grade) student it is a must to teach him any computer software for drawing & sketching purposes, magnificent digital drawings can be designed by using virtual tools. It is possible to print those sketches and save them as a catalogue. Purchase an attractive hard cover to give it an attractive outlook. Thus, you can teach them graphic designing by using different tools.
    Things you will require:
    (a). Computer System
    (b). Designing Software’s
    (c). Printer

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