How to Select Pastels for Coloring

Every artist has a different way of using the pastels that they pick for colouring. Even though it seems like an easy task to colour, but it is not. You should know how you are supposed to use pastels and which pastels you should be using in order to colour whatever you are trying to colour.

Therefore, make sure that you know about the pastels that you are using and also, you should know how exactly the pastels you are using are used so that you do not make a mistake when you are colouring.


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    In order to colour something, you should first find something to colour. If you can’t find anything to colour, you must draw one. Since you are trying to select the correct pastels for your picture; draw the picture with a pencil on a piece of paper and when you are going to select the pastels, take the picture to the store.

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    Amount of colours

    When you are trying to go for a pastel pack, you should see the amount of pastels inside the packet. Some have only 6 different colours in them, while the others have 12. There is a variety of colours these days so you should make sure that you need to have a lot of colours when you are going to buy them.

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    Now you should know what colours you require to be in the picture you have taken with yourself. Try to see all the colours and you should be able to select the right amount of colours that you require. Therefore, don’t confuse yourself and see whether you need those colours or not and don’t drop any basic colour. For example: Red, blue, yellow; these are the colours that you would not want to leave behind.

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    More details

    The more colours that you will have, it will add more details to the picture you have taken with yourself. Obviously, you know that the more colours you have, the more details you can add to the picture. There are different shades of yellow, green, blue, etc. So make sure that you select the correct pack and bring it home when you finally have to colour your picture.

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    Maroon and red

    Do not try to mix colours such as maroon and red. You might want to drop maroon or red when you are at the shop, but you should know that they both have a different colour tone and you should not be confusing them.

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