How to Apply Camouflage Face Paint

It is extremely important to apply camouflage face paint when going for hunting or combat missions. The paint actually keeps the hunter hidden from animals or other human being.

It is not all about putting different shades on the face. The right choice of design and colour are very important. The main purpose is to blend your face with the surroundings, so that nobody could see you.

For instance, you need to use brown shades to hide yourself in a dry area like desert. On the other hand, the face should be painted with green colour if you have a mission to accomplish in the jungle.

Things required:

– Two shades of brown waterproof face paint
– Dark green waterproof face paint


  • 1

    The first step is about preparing the paint. It should be thin enough to use. Remember, the thick paint will eventually run off your face after becoming blotchy.

    Add a little water to make a nice liquid that covers your complete face effectively. You should decide to apply camouflage face paint only after making sure that you are not allergic to the paint.

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    It is the time to apply the paint. First of all, add a very light layer of brown to your entire face. The neck should also be painted properly. Otherwise, you will not able to eliminate the natural shine of the face.

    The paint must also be applied on other parts, such as back of the neck, eyebrows, eyelids and bottom of the hairline. Make sure the layer is even everywhere.

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    It is the time to use green paint as well as the second shade of the brown. You are supposed to break up the disguisable shapes of the face. After drawing vertical lines near the eyes and mouth, focus on your nose and draw a few horizontal lines there.

    There are no hard and fast rules in this step. You can try different designs. The main goal is to make your face as unrecognisable as possible.

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    You are also required to draw vertical or horizontal lines on your ears. Don’t ignore the front portion of your neck. The lines should be going vertically across.

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    Now work your cheekbones and forehead. Draw vertical lines on these areas, making sure that the size of lines is not large. Otherwise, they will look like tiger stripes.

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