How to Make a Mixed Media Painting

Mixed media painting incorporates different and distinctive methods of arts combined together to form a special art media. A collage combined with ink and paint can be used on the canvas work to make it mixed media paint. However, media art is different from multimedia art. Multimedia art contains a combination of media art and the non-visual elements such as the music, sound or other non-visual information that will help the work of art to express itself better. Motion graphics connected with a piece of art is another example of multimedia art but for the sake of the article I am going to stick to the media art only.


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    Find or buy a piece of wood which will be used to rest your entire artwork. You can also choose between a small piece of cardboard, a canvas, or a simple paper that can also be used to fulfil the goal. You will need to collect paint brushes of all types that you will require for the sake of painting a picture or any idea etc. You will also have to buy a bottle of glue or anything adhesive that will help the stuff to stick to the painting. Glue can also be replaced by a gel to paste things on the painting. If you have already got one of them, you don’t need to buy anything. You will have to buy paint and a recommended one is acrylic paint which is more desirable. To attach things on the paintings, you might like to collect rocks, ribbons, old postcards, decals, shells, feathers, shells, coffee grinds etc.

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    You need to start off with forming a base of your painting. You will have to choose a colour to use as the foundation of the painting. I usually go with a black foundation so that I can use light colours to express or portray my message in a painting but it all depends on your like and dislike. You can choose which ever colour suits you. It is better to keep earthy tones like black or brown rather than light colours which usually fade away when you use dark complexion on them.

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    Bring the collection of different items that needs to be pasted on the painting. Use glue to attach the items on the painting.

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    Put glue or gel on the upper side and the entire painting so that nothing splits off from the painting.

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    Its done

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