How to Add a Copyright Stamp to a Digital Picture

It is fun to share your photos online with your friends, using your own website, or through a social networking website. However, you should not be shocked if you see your image posted on any other website, or used by any other person on a social networking website.

Under the United States law, the copyright is always implied, however, you still need to prove that something is really owned by you. For that purpose, it is really important that you add a copyright stamp to all of your images that you upload on the internet.


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    There are different software programs available that you can use to add copyright stamp to your pictures. You can search such software programs using any search engine. Find one and download it on your computer. If you find it difficult to search for one, then you can just download and install Picture Shark, which allows you to add watermarks and stamps to a batch of pictures at one time.

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    Prior to start using Picture Shark, you should first develop a copyright stamp which you will use to create watermark or put stamp on your pictures. For that purpose, you can open MS Word and go to Insert>Symbol, to insert a copyright mark in the document. You should also add a text and date with your copyright mark, which allows you to challenge the copyright in the court, if needed.

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    Take a screenshot of the copyright mark you just created, and use it to create a JPEG image using MS Paint. You just have to paste the screenshot and crop the copyright image in MS Paint program.

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    Now open Picture Shark and click the “Browse” button, under the “Input” tab. You will now have to select the image you want to add copyright stamp to. Press and hold the “Ctrl” key while you select your images, and click the “Add Sel” button, to add the selected pictures to the process. If you want to add all the images present in the folder, you will have to click the “Add All” button.

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    Now click the “Positioning and Settings” tab. Click the “Open Stamp” button, and open the JPEG image you created to use as a copyright stamp. Position your stamp using the positioning buttons present at the right side of the program window.

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    Once you are done with positioning the stamp, click the “Output Selection” tab. You will now be required to set the output format, and the location where you want to save the files. Click the “Start” button, and the copyright stamp will start adding to your images.

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