How to Paint the Exterior of a House

Regardless of the size of your house, painting the exterior can be a daunting task. There is usually a large amount of surface area that needs to be covered and most people just do not know where to start from. Sometimes there are damaged areas that need to be fixed prior to painting to ensure a smooth finish. Painting the exterior of a house can be quite a challenge task but with the right supplies and the proper guidelines, you can get achieve a great look.

Things Required:

– Drop Cloth
– Paint
– Extension Ladder
– Paint Brushes
– Paint Rollers
– Paint Tray
– Roller Frame
– Brush Grid
– Gloves
– Protective Mask
– Primer
– Caulk
– Scraper


  • 1

    Inspect the exterior:

    Take some time and inspect the exterior areas of the house. You should check for any potential weather damage. Also, check any wooden surfaces that might be damaged. Go through and examine all the areas that are covered in paint.

  • 2

    Remove old peeling paint:

    Take the scraper and start removing any old paint that is peeling off. Take your time and try to remove as much old paint as possible as this will definitely help when you put on a new coat.

  • 3

    Apply primer:

    Now carefully apply the primer to the wooden surface that is located on the exterior of your house. The primer will help the new paint hold on to the wooden surface.

  • 4

    Apply caulk:

    Once you have scraped off the old peeling paint and applied the primer to the wooden surfaces, you can now apply caulk to any damaged areas that you might find. Properly fill in the cracks on the exterior surface areas.

  • 5

    Paint left to right from top to bottom:

    It is important to start painting from the left to right. Pick the highest left hand corner to start your painting. You will have to move the brush to the right and then back to the left again. This will help you identify any areas that you might miss. Also, always start from the top and make your way down slowly. This helps in containing any drips and leaves a nice even coat of paint on the exterior surface.

  • 6

    Paint siding and trim:

    Take your time, paint all of the siding and trim of the exterior of your house. Make sure to put the drop cloth on the ground to prevent any paint spills. Use the paint rollers and brush grids to help you with the siding.

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