How to Look Picture Perfect in Every Photo

Pictures are a great way to remember an event and capture happy moments, which can later be looked back on fondly. However, the experience can be spoiled for you if you happen to be looking unattractive in pictures. While everyone is not born photogenic, managing to look perfect in every picture is an art which you can perfect if you practice and learn the tricks of the trade.


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    Start by making sure you dress well and take care of your makeup and hair, as these are key to looking good in pictures. Wear clothes that are appropriate to the occasion and colours that flatter you – avoid wearing large, bold prints in general, and wearing all-white is also a big no-no (unless you are super skinny or a bride) as this will make you look large. Make sure your hair is not styled outrageously (this only looks good in fashion shoots), and is of a colour that suits you. As far as makeup is concerned, matte foundations show up best in pictures, and wearing water and smudge proof makeup can also be good for helping you always remain picture-perfect.

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    When the picture is being taken, relax and smile like you mean it – there is nothing worse or more easily detectable than a fake smile. A sincere, genuine smile will show not only with the mouth but also with the eyes, so try thinking of something or someone that makes you happy and warms your heart as the picture is being taken.

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    Pay attention to the angle from which you are being photographed – if the photographer is taking the picture from below, back up until you are at least 4 feet away. Being photographed from below can add unwanted pounds to your figure in a photo, so whenever you can, request that the picture be taken either straight on, or from above.

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    A double chin can spoil even the best outfit and smile in a picture, so take steps to avoid this unflattering incident – it isn’t just limited to heavy-set people, and even slimmer individuals can end up with a double chin in photos unless they are careful. Know how to position your chin, and practice in front of a mirror if you must – try moving the chin slightly forward, and tilting it down a little, to minimise the risk of a double chin.

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    Manage your pose. In order to give a slimmer, more elongated and attractive look to your body, try twisting your hips so one side of your body is facing the camera entirely, and your shoulders are twisted in opposite directions. This pose is extremely flattering and will make you appear leaner.

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    Finally, make sure you are not holding any unnecessary props when the picture is being taken. Being photographed with a heaped plate of food or a bottle of beer in your hand is not desirable, and will not result in a picture you would want to frame and put up on your mantelpiece. Instead make sure your hands are empty so you can hold them in as graceful a way as possible, and if you must, hold flattering props such as flowers, etc.

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