How to Paint Like Klimt

If you are an admirer of symbolic paintings then you must be familiar with Gustav Klimt. He was an Austrian painter who played a vital role in famous Vienna Secession Movement. Though, Klimt was criticised for his paintings of the female body but still this frank eroticism did not damage his calibre.

The symbolism and profundity in his work made him a real inspiration for many painters later. If you are one of those who want to carry Klimt’s style of painting then you will have to go through an extensive procedure.


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    Evaluate yourself:

    First of all, you should honestly evaluate yourself. Even if you have been blessed with good skills and a strong imagination, still you need lot of other things to match the level of maestro Klimt. You should try to find out why you want to paint like Klimt. Is it just the desire of fame and money or do you really want to follow the path paved by this great artist?

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    Understand Klimt’s art:

    After getting in to the right frame of mind, you should do some research about Klimt. Read books about his life and art. Try to find Klimt in his strokes as this will help you in understanding this great artist. Mostly people think that his work falls in the category of pornography. It is simply unjust as painting nude bodies is not eroticism. One must look for the intentions of an artist. You should read about Klimt’s school of thought, his love life and the Vienna Secession Movement. These references will really help you in understanding his art.

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    Equip yourself with proper techniques:

    Next thing you should do is to equip yourself with proper techniques. You must know that Klimt’s work is famous for its intellectuality and perfection at the same time. Practice, practice and practice to paint like Klimt. The best way is to pick one of his paintings and make a copy in your style.

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    Choose a subject:

    Now, when you completely understand Klimt’s style of work, you should start observing the subjects for your painting. Remember, it can be anything like people, scenery or an image from your daily life. You should try to make portraits as Klimt also painted many portraits.

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    Work on details:

    You must not forget that Klimt was famous for his detailed work. Choosing and painting a subject is not enough rather you should make it more realistic by working on the fine details.

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