How to get a Great Portrait

If being photogenic doesn’t come to you naturally then you need to take some steps which can still help you in getting some outstanding portraits.

Try to practice being confident in front of the photographer which is key to getting a great portrait. Put in some effort to locate photographers who know how to work with people who are shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera. Learning how to get a great portrait is simple if you follow some basic techniques.


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    It is better that you work with a photographer with whom you feel comfortable. It is imperative that you are at ease with the photographer taking your portrait in order to give natural expressions. Remember to listen to what the photographer says to help you relax. Try to think of other things if you start getting nervous.

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    Practicing before having your portrait taken is another key factor in this process and for this it is advised that you spend some time in front of a mirror in order to select the angles from where you look your best.

    You can also determine the facial expressions which help in bringing out the best in you. You can have your relatives take your pictures in order to help you adjust your poses.

    Remember, the more you practice off camera, the more comfortable you will feel while getting your portrait taken.

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    Clothing is another important factor when getting your portrait as you need to pick both casual and classic attire. Solid colours look better in portraits than patterns or plaids, so you need to give preference to this type of clothing. Choose clothes which bring out your best features and ones you are comfortable wearing. Remember if your clothes bother you then it will definitely show while getting your portrait taken.

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    Relaxing your body when posing is vital, it is recommended that you shift your weight to one foot, which will create an angle that will make you look slim. Keep your head level and remember to sit properly for the best angle. Always listen to the photographer when he or she tells you to move in a certain way.

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    Avoid looking directly into the camera, instead it would be wise to gaze above the lens as this will make you look relaxed and natural.

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