How to Make Your Own Charcoal Pencils

You don’t want to pay for the expensive charcoal pencils? They are quite easy to make, and are extremely cheap if you want to make them, rather than purchase them. Moreover, they are also better than the ones that you purchase from the market. Therefore, always try to make your own charcoal pencils rather than buying them from the market.

All you need is a little charcoal, some fire, and a little bit of wood and that’s it. That is all that is required from you and that will not cost you much if you are planning on making them yourself.


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    The first step is to build a fire. You must be careful while you are trying to build one. Make sure that you do not hurt yourself, and do not make it big enough to burn things down. Make a fire and wait for it to build up. You should build enough fire to cook the charcoal that you have at hand.

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    Once you are done with building a fire, wrap your charcoal around an aluminium foil. Start cooking the charcoal that you have to use in order to make the pencils. Be sure that you don’t hurt yourself.

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    Now you have to find a few sticks which are not too thin, and can hold the charcoal that you have. Wrap those sticks around the aluminium foil that you have used around the charcoal. Now once the sticks have been wrapped around with aluminium foil, put them inside the fire. After twenty to thirty minutes, take out your sticks and just watch them burn in fire.

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    You will notice that there is a lot of smoke coming out of the sticks. The foil that you have used and the charcoal inside have been burning so there will be a lot of smoke, and flames. Keep observing until you see that they have cooled down.

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    Now is your time to remove all the foils and reveal the real charcoal and the sticks that you have used to make pencils. Try to use a paper around the charcoal sticks that have come out. Only let a little bit of charcoal come out from right at the end of the paper so that you can write or draw with it.

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    Since you are done with making the charcoal pencils, you can now write or draw with them as they are ready to be used.

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