How to Find Out the Cost of a Painting

No matter if you are selling or purchasing a painting, it is important to know the actual value of this piece of art. So how would you that? It is not just like asking anybody about the price rather you will need an appraiser for this purpose.

If you want to become an art collector then it becomes more important to know the actual value of the painting to prove yourself a true art connoisseur. There is no doubt in that the appraisal of a painting is a difficult process but a couple of tips can make things easier.


  • 1

    Find out the worth of the artist:

    This is a simple method to evaluate the worth of any art work. Try to read the name of the artist from bottom of the painting. Search online and read reviews of experts about the artist’s work. Many artists have their own websites or blogs where you can find out the cost of their paintings.

  • 2

    Contact the manager of the artist:

    If you are unable to find the painting on websites then contact the manager of that artist and ask him/her about that piece of art. You can get their contact numbers from different websites, art journals or galleries.

  • 3

    Visit the art gallery:

    Sometimes, the painting you are looking for is already listed for sale in an art gallery. In that case, visit the art gallery and check what price they are demanding. However, there is possibility that they want you to bid for it instead of pasting a price tag on the painting.

  • 4

    Get an appraiser:

    If you are unable to calculate the actual value of a painting even in an art gallery then you need to seek help from an appraiser. You can get a list of local appraisers from internet, art promotion companies or even from art galleries. Shortlist a few names and then contact the appraiser who is famous for the style of art that you want to assess. Mostly, appraisers live in big cities where something related to art is always going on.

  • 5

    Contact an auction house:

    You may find out the actual cost of painting through an auction house. These auction houses deal in different works of art and they can provide you someone for appraisal. However, they will charge you for such assistance so go for this technique only if you can afford it.