How to Draw Shoop Da Whoop Step By Step

Shoop Da Whoop is basically a villain from the cartoon series “Dragonball Z” and was first introduced in 2006. The cartoon character is also known as “I’M A’ FIRIN’ MAH LAZER”, as it speaks the phrase whenever it fires a laser from its mouth. Despite the fact that it is ugly and weird in shape, it is liked by many children due to its funny character. With the passage of time, it became so popular that it also started featuring in some drawing books.

If you are planning to make something for your children or want them to create an easy to make character, then Shoop Da Whoop can be a good choice. It is really easy to make even if you are using a piece of paper, or on any drawing software program, such as MS Paint on your computer.

Keep reading this article to know how you can draw the famous and notorious Shoop Da Whoop character with just few strokes of your colouring pencils.

Things Required:

– Paper
– Colour Pencils
– Crayons


  • 1

    First of all, you need to draw the structure of Shoop Da Whoop’s mouth. For that purpose, you need to make a single lined sketch, as defined in the picture.

  • 2

    Now you need to sketch in the lips. Here, you should make sure that the new outline should not be too far away from the first one or too close to make the lips look very skinny.

  • 3

    Once you are done with outlining its lips, you can start making the inside part of the mouth. To make the teeth, you have to leave around 30 percent of the space in between and draw them on both the upper and lower sides of the mouth. Here, you should make sure that the teeth should not differentiate from each other. You just have to provide a few strokes when going down for the upper teeth and when coming up for the lower teeth.

  • 4

    Sketch in its tongue and eyes. For eyes, you should make sure that the pupils should be in awkward positions to make them look twisted.

  • 5

    Now it is time to colour the character. Take a red colour pencil, or crayon, or any other colour tool you are using, to shade the lips. Colour its tongue using purple, followed by filling up the inside part of the mouth with red.

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