How to Decorate Easter Eggs Safely

The Easter holiday is hard to celebrate without cake and colourful eggs, painted in different colours. However, you need to comply to all the safety rules before decorating eggs.

Every person has a different approach towards decorating Easter eggs. Some people prefer painting the eggs while other are satisfied by applying special chemical or natural dyes. If you want to decorate Easter eggs safely then follow some basic techniques to help get you started.

Things Required:

– White Eggs
– Onion
– Sunflower Oil
– Water Colour
– Food Dye
– Colour Markers
– Alcohol
– Velvet Paper
– Scissors
– Rhinestones
– Glitter
– Sequins
– Beads
– Glue


  • 1

    For colouring Easter eggs, people traditionally use onion. Lower the eggs into boiling water along with an onion until they change their colour and become reddish-brown depending on the cooking time. For safety concern, do not boil the eggs for lengthy periods of time.

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    To garnish the eggs or make them shine is possible if you apply sunflower oil to the outer layer of the egg. However, you need to hold the egg firmly as a precautionary step.

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    Eggs can be coloured with the help of paint. To do this, use normal water colours. First make lines with a regular pencil on the boiled eggs and then start colouring it. Water colours dry quickly and do not leave any stains on your hands. However, it is recommended to clean the eggs with alcohol or soapy water before painting. It is advisable to paint the eggs with special food dye or natural organic ingredients, especially if you want to serve them as a treat for guests. Wear a protective sheet in order to avoid getting stains on your clothes.

  • 4

    You can make bunnies and Easter chicks with hard-boiled eggs. To do this, take velvet paper and cut it with scissors, keeping in mind the shape of the legs and ears of the bunnies. Cut wings, tails and scallops for chickens. Now, carefully glue the parts to the egg and draw eyes with the help of a marker. Do not apply extra glue on the eggs in order to complete the process safely.

  • 5

    You can also decorate the egg with rhinestones. To do this, take an egg and make a simple geometric pattern on it. Now take glue and paste rhinestones on the egg. The same can be done with glitter, sequins or beads. This way of decorating does not require much time and always look good. Here too, you need to observe safety rules before pasting rhinestones.

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    Decorating eggs with beads is a difficult task as it requires artistic skills and a lot of time. You can also purchase a special sticker with the symbol of the Christian faith on Easter. Put the egg in a basket before attaching beads for the sake of safety.

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