How to Make Scribble Hearts

Are you extremely bored and want to do something that will fascinate your desire of love? You will be thinking of doing something that will impress your loved one especially the one that means the entire life to you. You can make scribble hearts while being bored at classroom, workplace or at home. You can do that without any difficulty at all. Hence, the time will be killed and at the same time you will master scribble hearts that will impress your boyfriend or girlfriend depending on your liking. This activity isn’t the one that is to be done to kill time but you can also do that as part of some love filled letter for someone who is special for you. You can make these scribble hearts that will add a new dimension to your message. So get ready to learn something that will increase the intensity of love message to someone who is eager to listen from you or read your message.


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    Get a red colour based on pencil colours and not the marker. Get a rough page from your notebook or someplace where you keep the rough notebooks. Get one page from it and draw the outline of a heart. You can either use a pencil for that or you can simply draw it with a red colour. The outlook of a heart looks like an oval shape drawing that is bifurcated from in between. Everyone knows the heart shape so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to draw a heart on a piece of paper. A simple heart outline is required at the moment.

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    You need to draw the outline with some intensity so when you erase the entire drawing, a few lines are left that still gives you an idea about what a shape was created. However, it should be obscure. Don’t erase the drawing aggressively which will not leave any traces of the diagram, hence, making it difficult to draw.

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    Scribble with the help of a red colour keeping the scribbles inside the outline that was marked previously. The traces of erased drawing should help you stay inside the boundaries and guide you to the end. Scribble in a way that stripes are created and your scribbles should be obvious. A zig-zag pattern should be created inside the boundaries with the help of a colour.

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