How to Make Pictures Out of Text

You often see pictures made out of text characters and you might wonder how difficult task it is. Well, you should know now that you can make pictures out of text within minutes by yourself. It won’t require you to operate complex softwares but only need to know some functions of Microsoft Word to perform the task. You can use an image base to create the text image or make it right from the scratch. You will certainly enjoy this fun-filled activity and can make many text images to surprise your friends.


  • 1

    Select a photograph you like to reproduce as a text image.

  • 2

    Open up Microsoft Word software for proceeding. Go into the ‘Start’ menu of your computer and select ‘Programs’ bar where you will see ‘Microsoft Office’ tab. Select Microsoft Word from the list of Office softwares appearing there.

  • 3

    Copy the image you selected and paste it into a new Word document. Right clicking on the image will give you the options to copy and doing the same will provide the pasting option in the Microsoft Word.

  • 4

    You have to resize the image according to your requirement. Click on the image and small dots will appear on the corners of it. Click on one of the corner and drag it to resize the image.

  • 5

    Click the ‘Insert’ button on top of the Word document and select the ‘Text Box’ tab from the list of options given. The text box appearing shall be slightly larger than the image you have selected. Drag the corner of the text box to resize it.

  • 6

    Right click on the text box and go to the ‘Layout’ options. Select the ‘In front of text’ layout style from there.

  • 7

    Now right click on the border of the text box and select the ‘Format Text Box’ option. You need to make the box transparent. Change the ‘Color’ to ‘No Fill’ option and the line colour to ‘No Line’.

  • 8

    Now fill the text into the box. Make sure the text you are copying and pasting in the text box is not underlined or bold. Completely fill out the text box by pasting the text again and again.

  • 9

    You can change the font size of the text from the formatting toolbar on the top.

  • 10

    Change the colour of the text from the toolbar if you want to do so.

  • 11

    Once you are done with the text formatting, move the text box away from the image under it. You will see the image text has been formed.


  • 12

    Change the background of the image text if you desire. Right click on the border of the text box and go to the ‘Format Text Box’ option. Change the fill colour and lines to your required shades.

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