How to Change Pink Paint into an Orange Color

Change, by many, is considered to be the spice of life. This is the reason why we like to keep tinkering with the colors of our walls or any other thing which we use in our day-to-day life. Pink is an extremely popular color, especially among young girls. If you are tired of the same color, you can easily convert pink into a color which resembles orange by adding yellow. By including some extra red to the pink, you can have a darker orange color.

Pink is basically a red mixed with white. It can be counteracted through different shades of yellow or red.


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    Arrange the colors

    If you already have a pink but you wish to convert it into any shade of orange, arrange red and yellow colors. Place them on to the palette next to the pink.

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    You should buy a paintbrush of the highest quality. It should be able to mix colors very smoothly with an even flow. If your paintbrush is not up to the mark, you will not get satisfactory results. Go for a branded paintbrush, even if you have to pay a little higher.

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    Mix the colors

    Properly dip the paintbrush into the red paint. Now mix the red with the pink until it becomes quite rich and looks like a red-pink. This mixture should be created in the center of the palette, in order to make things convenient for you.

    Now you need to dip the paintbrush into the yellow color and add it nicely with the red-pink mixture. Using the paintbrush, you need to thoroughly mix the three colors, until it becomes orange.

    If you want to have a darker orange color, you can keep repeating the whole process again and again, until you get the desired result.

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    Add brown to make it darker

    After repeating the process, if you are still not able to get the tone you want, you need to increase the volume of red. You will surely see a visible change if the red is more than yellow. However, in order to make it darker, you can experiment by adding a small amount of brown, which will counteract the pink.

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