How to Make Your Own Sketch Book

Making your own sketch book is an excellent way to personalise it. If you are going to make your own sketch book, you will be glad to know that you can have complete control over quantity of your content, quality of the paper, size and shape of the papers, dimensions, cover page and binding or thickness of the sketch book. People who love sketch books know these little books are a treasure even before you starting filling them with colours and wonderful drawings and pictures. They can also make precious and touching gifts. Sketch books can be made using a number of objects.


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    If you are not an artist, you can fill sketch books with food recipe books or medical bills. Learning how to make a personal sketch book is an art that you can learn over a period of time. Consider horizontally folding each sheet of the drawing paper in half.  Then fold them again vertically. You will be then required to stack the sheets at the top of one side. Now even up the sheets with folded edges.

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    Buy a needle and thread from your local supermarket and consider sewing a straight line down the folded edges of the stack of sheets. Thread sewed down the line on the long side will be binding of your sketch book. Sometimes, it is easier to get this job done if you poke holes through the sheets before sewing. For those using a lot of sheets, this might be very helpful as the sheets of paper are likely to be very thick. Sew until you reach the end of the hole and then sew back to the top using the same hole.

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    Covers can be made by cutting out two pieces of cardboard. Use glue to attach these cover to the front and back sides of the sketch book. You can use colours, fabrics, wallpapers and other special material to make the covers look attractive. Let the glue dry by placing your sketch book under a stack of books.

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    Use carpet tape to strengthen the binding. This can be done by carefully cutting a piece of tape and positing the tape around the length of binding. Use to ruler to open the folded edges of one of the short sides of your sketch book. Use a razor blade or scissors for a crisper look.

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