How to Use Copic Markers on Fabric

Copic markers are a Japanese product that offers various options of use. These can be used on paper to make paintings to abstract art to colouring on the fabrics. The company offers 58 colours in various different styled markers and one can use the style of his or her liking.

By using some interesting techniques, you can colour your fabric with the help of copic markers. The processes are fairly simple and do not take too much time and effort. A bit of imagination is a plus should you decide you want to innovate a little.


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    Dripping Technique

    This technique is relatively simple. Have three to four copic markers in different colours. Place the fabric you wish to dye with the help of copic markers on a work board. Make sure that it is fine if some colour is transferred onto the board as some colour will certainly reach it.

    After you place the fabric on the board, drip colours from the copic markers on to it one by one. Do not be reluctant in experimenting as you can generate some very interesting effects by mixing unusual colours. There will be bleeding of colour so do not worry about it. You can soften the colours if you think they are too bright with the help of a colourless blender.

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    Mono Print Technique

    This is another simple technique in which you can drip ink from three to four different copic markers. Do not mix them like before and letting the drippings be at a distance. Afterwards, put the other part of the fabric on the spot where you have the drippings. Press it gently so that the top fabric also absorbs colour. To spread it around, use the colourless blender and a nice looking dotted print should be made on the fabric.

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    Marbling Technique

    Put some hand sanitizer on your craft matte. Once again drip colours from the copic markers on to the sanitizers. Make sure that the sanitizer is having a thickness of an eighth of an inch on the craft matte. Afterwards, press down the fabric once the colours have spread well.

    After a little bit of dabbing, pick the fabric up, there will be bleeding of colour. It is best that you dry the fabric with the help of a heat gun so that you can have a nice colour combination on it.

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