How to Do Gothic Drawings

Gothic drawings have been inspiring art several hundred years. Gothic drawings or art was a style of medieval art that developed in France in the mid-12th century. However, it has emerged as one of the most popular form of arts in the past couple of decades.

In order to make a gothic drawing, one has to have a dark mindset. Nowadays, there are several musical bands that have a dark and gothic theme behind their music, and for that matter, their album art revolves around the gothic art or drawings.

One can comfortably make a gothic drawing if he/she not only has a dark mindset but also know how to play with dark colours, and create something that is totally unique and unreal.

Things Required:

Lead Pencil
Drawing Paper


  • 1

    The primary aspect making gothic drawings is to observe and watch other gothic artists’ work. Make sure that you determine them closely. See how they use colours, and how they make their drawings appealing. Read books that are written over the gothic art, visit famous art galleries that have a wide collection of gothic paintings and drawings. Once you have closely monitored other artists’ work, only then you will have an idea on which subject and areas need to be addressed while making gothic drawings.

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    Generate an idea. Without an idea, you will be sitting blank minded in front of the drawing paper. Once you have decided what you want to draw, you start making a rough sketch about it.

  • 3

    Think hard about what the background, setting and colours for your drawing. However, if you are only interested in drawing a simple gothic design, then you should skip about the background. Dark forests, ancient ruins, deserted places and graveyards are some of the common examples of backgrounds that are used in a gothic art.

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    Now focus your attention towards drawing your central figures. People in dark and evil situations, animals that strike fear in one’s mind and supernatural creatures are some of the most common examples of central figures used in a gothic drawing.

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    Shadows play an important role in enhancing the gothic drawings. Make sure that you pay genuine attention towards making shadows in your drawing.

  • 6

    Once you are done drawing the picture, make sure that you name it accordingly, which should be dark and gothic as well.

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