How to Create A Perfect Circle without Tracing

Making a perfect circle without tracing is extremely hard. Even the best of artists cannot draw a perfect circle without tracing. Thankfully, for most of us, there are ways through which you can easily draw a circle without tracing it.

There are specific tricks and tools which can help you draw a perfect circle and you can use them in order to create the perfect circle.


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    The first trick is to use a compass. It is an instrument which is specifically designed to draw circles. It is extremely convenient and once you get the hang of it, it is not difficult to use. First, you need to put the pencil inside the compass and then eventually align the pencil with the pin of the compass and draw a circle just as big as you want it to be. This is the easier of the two tricks which can be used, besides tracing, in order to draw a perfect circle.

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    Two Pencils

    The second trick is to use two pencils. The compass is not the only way out for your problems. There are other ways in which you can draw a perfect circle as well. You can use two pencils in order to draw a perfect circle, but in this trick you have to be extremely careful as you will have to work hard and make sure that you do not make any mistakes.

    You have to start off by holding the two pencils in the same manner as you would hold a compass. The only difference is that in the compass one pencil gets fixed to the instrument and things become easy, but when it comes to drawing a circle with two pencils, both the pencils are mobile and you will have to be sure that your hand does not shake a lot.

    After you have firmly gripped the two pencils and one is right at the centre, and the other is at the side, use the pencil on the side to draw a perfect circle. Make sure that the radius of the circle remains the same and you do not mess with it and do not move your hand too much. It is relatively difficult to make a circle through this technique. Therefore, it is advised that you use a compass in order to draw a circle without tracing it.

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