How to Make Paint Brushes

Tired of buying paint brushes? Or you just want to make your own paintbrushes because you think it is fun? Whatever the case may be, it is not too difficult to make a paintbrush. You need a few things and you are good to go.

However, you have to choose the type of material you want to include in the brush that you are planning to make. It can be made out of natural materials, manmade materials, or even both of them pulled together.

There is always an option to purchase a paintbrush, but it is fun to make one.


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    You first need to find some material which you will use to make the ‘hair’ for your paintbrush. They will be the real thing for your painting, as they will be the one dipped in colour and you will be using them later for painting. Therefore, find yourself a material which you can use to make hair. It can be wool, or even a thread. It depends upon the thickness of the hair whether your brush will draw a thick line, or a thin one.

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    Cut and shape

    After you are done with finding the material, it is time for you to cut it to make the hair out of it. If it is wool, keep cutting it into small pieces and then pull them together and give them a shape like a paintbrush. It will not be hard while you are using scissors.

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    Once you are done with the hair, and you have also shaped them up, it is time for you to find a handle for your paintbrush. You cannot only use the thread to paint; you need a handle for a paintbrush. Use any material that would suit you. It can be a bamboo stick, tongue depressors, anything that you think will be enough.

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    Now, get some glue and apply it to the end of the stick. Glue the area which you think will cover the hair part of your paintbrush. Keep using the glue until you are satisfied and then put the hair that you have made on top of that glue. Wait till they stick perfectly, because leaving them early might not help you a lot.

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    Now use a string and tightly wrap it around the hair that you have just glued to the handle. Keep tying the string around until and unless you are fully satisfied that the brush’s hair will not fall.

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    Now wait for the whole thing to dry up and once it is, you are ready to use your paintbrush like every other paintbrush.

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