How to Identify Moroccan Polm Hash

Moroccan Polm Hash is illegal in most of the countries. Not to mention, being a part of the drug lines, it is of imperative value to some people while for many it is a waste of time and resources. No doubt, drugs are very damaging for the health yet some people overlook their long term goals and fall for the short term benefits of these. Moroccan Polm Hash is largely found in the north of Morocco and is sent to European countries in a large quantity.


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    Know about the colour

    Identifying Moroccan Polm Hash is difficult for some people but those who have frequent interactions face no trouble in differentiating between a normal hash and Moroccan hash. However, with a little help and guidance, an individual can easily identify the polm hash. For this, you must get familiar with the colour of Moroccan hash. Note that the Moroccan hash comes in dark green colour as the plants are yielded only after they reach maximum green level. After harvesting the plant, it will ultimately get into a dark brownish town with a little greenish shade.

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    Moroccan hash smells like Marijuana

    After you have identified the colour, you must smell the hash to be sure if it is Moroccan or not. You must remember that the Moroccan hash smells more like marijuana. In addition, polm hash has no or little spicy smell as compare to other drugs. The smell of polm hash is very moderate as compared to other forms of drugs and the fact that it smells more like Marijuana, the users of latter often get confused with it.

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    Moroccan hash is hard

    After you have smelled the hash, you should also check its consistency to confirm whether it is Moroccan or not. Remember that Moroccan hash is considerably hard as compared to other drugs. As it comes in the form of bricks, you must confirm that it does not convert into powdered form or break into pieces with a touch of your hand. Its shape will change only after you have placed the Moroccan hash over flames.

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    Identify the THC content

    The best way to be sure whether it is polm hash or not is to examine it in the laboratory. You must carry out a test to identify the THC content of hash. Note that Moroccan hash has a THC level between 1 and 10 percent.

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