How to Become a Good Anime Drawer

Manga and anime is increasingly popular in various parts of the world. The industry is glowing with each passing day, with artists exploring and capturing the imagination of people from all age groups. However, when it comes to drawing anime and manga, there are no hard and fast rules. If you are already adept with sketching and drawing, there are a few simple things you can work on to improve yourself.


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    Take classes

    Although this is not necessary but practicing the subject itself will sharpen your ability when it comes to drawing manga and anime. You can either take art classes to improve your drawing skills or simply do the exercise on your own.

    This is different from your basic educational qualifications as most of you will be doing it from a relatively young age due to sheer interest in anime and mange. However, as you decide to pursue a career in this, you may end up taking proper courses from a reputable university. This way you will be able to keep a record of your work, and get professional help.

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    Look for precision

    Everyone will have their own preferences as a starting reference, but it is essential to focus on every minute detail. Observe your favorite anime or manga characters, and analyze every aspect closely. Irrespective of it being a boy or a girl, the characteristics will be the same, such as hair, dress, colour combination etc. The more you focus, the better you can visualize the character when drawing it.  Prepare notes if possible, which will help you keep track of your drawing in case your forget any details.

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    Draw the anime

    It is time to draw. You will not get better unless you draw your favourite characters. The basic drawing tools are a sheet and a pencil but given the technology floating around, you can use  digital drawing aids on your computer as well.

    It is essential that you pay special attention to the face. For a general rule, focus on larger eyes, smaller noses, and character specific hairstyle. The face also depicts the true mood of your character – evil, determined, confident, unsure – etc. Then work your way through the remaining body areas and draw it according to your own assessment of the character. Remember that you want your viewer to get a real feel. Feel free to edit any portion of the drawing you don’t like.

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    Compare your previous work and gauge the response your friends. Remember, there is always room for improvement and you can easily become better at what you do.

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