How to Clean Paint Brushes At Home

Cleaning the paint brushes is a major concern for the painters and they always try to clean their brushes in order to get best performance. The paint brushes become dirty and full with different paint colours if they are not cleaned properly immediately after use. If you are a painter and want to keep your paint brushes in better shape then you have to clean them with regular intervals. However, if you do not know how to clean your paint brushes then you can take guidance from this article which will let you many methods to clean paint brushes.


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    First of all, you should take a small jar; you can use a food jar as well, and fill it with white spirit. Make sure you have properly cleaned the jar before filling it.

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    Now, put the paint brushes that you want to clean into this jar and wait for at least 10 minutes. It will remove the paint from the brushes.

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    Take out the brushes from the jar and rinse these brushes while keeping under running water. It will help in removing the remaining particles of paint and your brushes will become clean like new.

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    You should fill a saucepan with white vinegar and make sure that the quantity of the vinegar is enough to cover the bristles of paint brushes.

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    Keep the brushes into this saucepan for at least one hour. Then put this saucepan on a stove and make sure that the heat should be enough for simmering.

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    After five minutes, take out the paint brushes form the pan and put it under a faucet. After a few minutes, dry the paint brushes with towel and your brushes will become like new.

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    You can also clean your paint brushes with nail polish remover. Put the nail polish remover into a jar and put your paint brushes in it for almost 30 minutes.

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    After 30 minutes, take out your paint brushes from the jar and put them under running water and dry with towel. Your paint brushes will become clean just like new.

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    Another way to clean your paint brushes is, take a bowl and fill it with a liquid fabric. Put your paint brushes in this bowl for almost 12 hours. After that, wash the paint brushes under running water and your brushes will be fully cleaned.

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