How to Find Local Paintings

If you love art and are especially fond of paintings then finding local artwork can be quite challenging. You will not only be getting some excellent paintings but you will also be helping to support some decent local artists. There are many different methods to help you find local paintings as you will have to be patient and a little creative. Even if you are not that familiar with paintings but are interested in finding local work then there are a few simple things that you can do to help you get started in the wonderful world of art.


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    Visit local art galleries:

    Take a trip to your local art galleries and you will find an excellent selection of paintings that are from local artists. Many of these local art galleries have special showings just for local artists to highlight their work and you can always attend one of these events as well. Be sure to ask the art gallery owner or salesperson about the local painting that they have to offer. Also, you will get the names of several local artists that are doing some excellent work with their paintings.

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    Go online:

    Get on the internet and you will find a nice selection of different websites of various local artists showcasing their work. You will find an excellent collection of paintings that are being sold by local artists online. Make sure to get all the details of the different paintings that you are interested in and the contact information of the local artist as well.

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    Contact local artists:

    Once you have a decent list of local artists from the internet then you can call or email them about their work. Some of these artists will have a nice selection of paintings that you can buy directly from them. Set up a meeting with these local artists to get a chance to see their work in detail. Remember that many of local artists do not have their work in art galleries and only give private viewings at their home.

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    Visit art fairs:

    There are usually many different local art fairs that are happening. These art fairs give local artists a good opportunity to showcase their work and sell their paintings. Go online and find out when the next art fair will be taking place in your area and make sure that you get there early. You will find a very big selection of paintings from various local artists in your area.

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    Check newspaper:

    Check your local newspaper for an art or culture section which showcases local artists. You will find different local art galleries and artists in the newspaper that are trying to get some exposure for their paintings.

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