How to Stretch a Canvas Painting On a Frame

For anyone that is an artist or has painted on canvas understands the importance of being able to stretch a painting on a frame. Although paintings on frames are hard to move, it is a must while displaying your work of art. The stretching action keeps the painting firm and prevents any type of wrinkles from developing. If you are looking to stretch a canvas painting on a frame then there are few simple methods that you can use to help get the image perfectly aligned and in the middle of the frame.


  • 1

    Have the proper tools:

    Make sure that you have all the proper tools such as a rubber mallet, measuring tape or ruler and a heavy duty stapler. Also, various stoppers and stretchers will be needed to ensure a decent job.

  • 2

    Find clean place to work:

    Find a nice flat clean place to work on. You will need ample space to lay out your painting and stretch it on a frame. It might be a good idea to put a clean cloth on the work surface to protect your valuable painting from getting any dirt or grime on the canvas.

  • 3

    Take measurements:

    Be sure to take accurate measurements of the width and length of your canvas painting. Once you have gotten this information make a note of it as you will need these numbers to help you centre your painting on a frame.

  • 4

    Add stretchers:

    Add stretchers to your canvas painting according to the measurements that you have done earlier. Place the stretchers according to length and width of the canvas painting. Ensure that they form a rectangle around the painting.

  • 5

    Add stoppers:

    Now add the stoppers to the different corners of the stretchers that you added earlier.

  • 6

    Place frame on painting:

    Now take your frame and put on the top of your painting. Remember to do this with the canvas painting facing upward or face up on your work surface. Be careful not to get dirt or oil on the canvas painting. Use your measurements to properly align the frame on top of the canvas painting.

  • 7

    Place canvas face down:

    Now take your canvas painting and put it face down to attach the frame around the outside. Be sure to stretch the canvas over the edges of the frame.

  • 8

    Staple canvas:

    Take your stapler and run it along the inside of the frame and staple the canvas. Be careful not to over staple the canvas and keep ample space between staples to ensure a nice fit.

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