How to Reduce the Fading Damage of Framed Pictures

The whole point of printing and framing pictures is to keep those memories alive. Whether it is a picture of your parents, the birth of your first child, a degree you worked extremely hard for and earned or an autograph of your favourite celebrity, it is always distressing when the photograph begins to fade. A number of factors like UV rays, dust and other elements are the cause of fading damage to your framed pictures.

Following a few guidelines will make it easier for you to reduce any damage of fading and keep your pictures looking fresh for a long time.


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    UV Rays

    In order for pictures to stay fresh and better looking for longer, it is very important that you keep them out of direct sunlight. UV rays are the biggest enemy of anything that has colour on it. This is a very general and important rule because the same effect can be witnessed on cars and clothes as well, that are exposed for long periods of time in the sun. Their colours will eventually begin to fade. Always try to hang or place your framed photos out of direct sunlight so that you can minimise the damage.

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    Dust is the second worst enemy of anything, including your framed pictures. Make sure to clean your pictures regularly on both the outside and the inside as well depending on how much dust has built up in the frame. Use a soft cloth which is specifically designed to clean dust on both sides of the frame. There are a number of frames that are available in the market today that are labeled as dust proof, check whether your budget allows a little extra spending to keep those special pictures framed and full of colour.

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    Leaving pictures open will allow for scratches to form and eventually result in fading damage. This is the sort of damage that can be easily avoided but if you did not take proper care by framing them in the start, you will have to print another picture out again. Framing them in a strong case is extremely important, especially for those pictures like autographs and such which cannot be recreated whenever necessary. While fading may give it a more vintage look, you still want it to look like new.

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