How to Design an Imaginary Animal

Mostly kids want to imagine their own animal. However, there are times when even old people want to imagine creatures that do not exist. Therefore, if you want to make up an imaginary animal, you should know that you can.

You just have to let your emotions flow and with different thoughts coming in your head, you will be able to design a perfect animal. Once you do think about it, then try and figure out the different things which an animal does and how you think your animal is different from the ones around. You should be able to understand your animal fully and that will really help you make-up an imaginary animal.


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    This is quite obvious. Before you make-up the whole animal, think of the idea. Think what your animal looks like, and what it does. Think about the overall thing and make an outline for it. It will be better if you write things down, as they will later help you in imagining the animal in a better way. Therefore, you should have an idea about the animal so that you can later add to it in order to complete it inside your head.

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    Once you have the idea, now you definitely know that what your animal looks like. Therefore, try to draw the animal so that you can understand what it looks like. Try to be as expressive as you can. If there are any fangs, just try to add them in the picture. Even if you are not good at drawing, just keep drawing until you are close enough.

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    What it is

    By the time you have drawn the animal, you should know what exactly it is: A carnivore, herbivore, etc. Once you have that figured out, it will be easier for you to design its teeth. A carnivore has sharp pointed trees while herbivore has normal teeth which can be helpful in eating vegetables and plants. Therefore, try to figure this out so that you can create an overall imagination of the animal.

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    Where it lives

    You should know where your imaginary animal lives. Some animals live in caves, some live in forests. Therefore, you should know where your animal lives so that you can have a better idea about its overall structure.

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    What it does

    Since by now you are almost done with the designing of your animal, you should know what it does all day. You should know whether it hunts for food, has kids, mates, or it has something better to do. Therefore, try to think about each and everything about the imaginary animal so that you know all the details surrounding it.

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