How to Hide a Double Chin in Pictures

Being overweight not only makes us look bad but also has a telling effect on our pictures as well. The big chin can make you look like a potato in pictures and can leave a bad effect on your overall personality.

Losing weight is the best long term solution to the problem. There are some immediate remedies that can be useful at the time that the picture is being taken. By making use of these, you can get rid of the problem for the time being but these are certainly not long term solutions.


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    Raise Your Head

    This is one of the best ways. Act as if you are looking at something that is at a height. This will make your chin look less fat as it will be distributed and you will be able to have a picture of yours taken without having to show your double chin.

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    More light can also be useful in hiding the double chin. All you need to do is to push your face forward a little and have a good bit of light while the picture is being taken. Although make sure that the light is not too strong and over powering as it will over expose the picture.

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    If it is winter, this is a good idea as well. Wrap a muffler around your neck as you are getting your snap taken. Make sure that it does not look out of place and will be ideal for group shots. It may actually look a little trendy too and you may standout in the group of people because of it. Ladies can use a scarf for the same purpose.

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    Rest it on Your Hand

    This is another technique that works well. While the picture is being taken, pose for it and place your hand underneath your chin in an artistic manner.  This will help you not only to look great and stylish but will also hide the chin perfectly well.

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    Side Angles

    Another way of taking the double chin out of the equation is to take the picture from an angle from the side rather than the front. Having the position of the camera a couple inches above your eye level will help even more and should provide ample cover to the chin.

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