How to Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock

One of the most effective ways to arouse a person from deep sleep is to throw water over him. If your alarm fails to wake you up with the noise that it creates and if you do not want anyone around to empty a bucket over you, try a water gun alarm clock. It might take a chunk of your weekend but will guarantee that you get up on time when you need to making your life a lot easier and better. Do it yourself if you’re familiar with circuits, although it does not require any deep knowledge. You can ask help from any friend who is in such stuff. This step by step guide will explain you on how to make a water gun alarm clock.


  • 1

    First of all, take your normal electric alarm clock. With the help of screw driver, open up your alarm clock.

  • 2

    Locate wires that are coming from the clock’s circuit board, and are going to the clock’s speaker. With a pair of wire cutters, cut the pair mentioned.

  • 3

    Next, skin the wire coming from the circuit board. Then take a pair of longer wires, and solder one to each wire that you skinned.

  • 4

    To maintain constant firing of water, you will need a motor operated water gun. When you have it, disassemble it by using screw drivers. Once you have done that, locate wires that are coming from the water gun’s circuit board and going to its trigger.

  • 5

    Cut those pair of wires, and as with the alarm clock, skin the wires that are coming from the circuit board, and then take a pair of longer wires and solder them to the ones that you skinned.

  • 6

    Now take a voltage relay switch, and solder the long wires from the alarm clock on its one side and the long wires from the water gun on its other side.

  • 7

    Now point the water gun to the area that you want showered, and rest easy because you will never be late for an appointment again.

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