How to Remove Paint from Bricks

Most people prefer the look of an unpainted brick wall over the one painted in latex. However, you will have no alternate but to remove the paint if they were already painted when you bought your home. Removing paint from bricks is not an easy thing to do and requires a fair amount of time and patience because you will need to ensure that the bricks do not get excessively damaged.

Things Required:

– Gel or paste paint removal solution
– Stiff bristle brush
– Cold, clean water and bucket
– Latex paint (optional) and brush


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    One of the most effective techniques of removing paint from bricks is to invest in a paint removal solution or a system that is composed with gel or paste as its basic components. Mix the solution according to manufacturer’s instructions and apply it generously to the bricks which you want to clean.

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    Apply a thin layer of paint removal gel or paste over the painted bricks and allow time for the material you are using to soften up, at which point it will adhere to the paint. Simply peel of the softened gel or paste and with it, paint will come off of the bricks. It would be best to test this solution on a small section before applying it on entire surface.

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    After the paint removal solution has successfully worked its trick, you need to attend of leftover paint spots and chemicals. Scrub the bricks with a stiff bristle brush for this purpose and then rinse them with cold and clean water. Use a bucket if you have no nearby water connection for rinsing the bricks.

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    After the paint has been removed from the bricks, check for possible flaws with the bricks. For instance, look for damaged or soot stained bricks. This will give you an idea of why the bricks were actually painted. If the bricks are very dirty or damaged, your best shot to maintain the decor of your home would be to repaint them. In such a situation, you can paint the bricks ‘brick red’. This will help subdue you craving for a natural brick look as well as hide flaws occurring in them.

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