How to Cut a Picture Mat for a Frame

Cutting a picture mat for a frame is very easy as it will give a decent finished art look. Cutting a picture mat for a frame will create a frame inside the frame giving a more beautiful look to the picture. Usually people cut the edges of any specific picture according to the frame setting. For a better fit, this method is great and to cut a picture mat for a frame will cost you less if you want to make it at home but being slightly artistic, you can do it by yourself with ease.


  • 1

    Style of the mat

    It is important that you choose the style of the mat first. You need to cut the edges first and then make it according to your style. Also write down your measurements as in which way you will be best to cut the mat.

  • 2

    Colour of the mat

    You can also choose the colour of the mat as well. To fit a picture in another frame, you need to have two pieces of the mat to cut. First piece is for behind the art and second one is to cut as the frame for the art.

  • 3

    Quality ranges

    You can also pick up different qualities of mats. There are different ranges of mats and you can pick any quality according to your needs.

  • 4

    Showing of art

    You should also decide first as to how much you want to show the art through the picture frame. It is important here as this will help you determine how much of the mat that needs to be cut. You can cut 5 inches by 8 inches for a decent show of art but you can cut even more according to your needs.

  • 5

    Cut a piece of mat

    Now cut a piece of the mat according to the measurement and see how it fits it the frame. You should also measure the interior of the frame according to your needs.

  • 6

    Measure back of the mat

    Measuring the back of the mat is also important. It will give you the freedom to see and cut the mat to the exact size you are looking for.

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