List of Art and Craft Shops in Ottawa

So many people among us are there who have an eye to identify the real art and crafts but many love to buy antique materials for their home decor. Antique piece of art for home decor and other art and craft items can play their effective role in making our home more elegant and adorable. Different items of art and craft enhance the overall beauty of your home. If you an Ottawa resident and fond of decorating your home, then take advantage of the art and craft shops in Ottawa where you can easily find wide range of antique decoration items beautifully designed and created. Here you can find more alluring home decor items which are not only valuable but unique due to their connection with antique era.


  • 1

    Michaels Arts And Crafts, offer unique antique items of art and craft which are of high quality and reasonable rates.

  • 2

    Art World One, offers the professionals to obtain customized artwork framing at very affordable rates.

  • 3

    Arts Courts, deals with the largest and most artistic crew of Ottawa’s experienced art presenters and producers.

  • 4

    Multi-Crafts & Gifts, the wholesale retailers that are specialized in multiple range of arts and crafts, beadings, paintings and basketry.

  • 5

    CropTopia Scrapbooking Inc, provides online shopping options with new up-to-date items.

  • 6

    Beaded Dreams, offers specialty in customized candles, craft supplies, gifts, herbs and smudge items.

  • 7

    Land Ark Homes, provides you the opportunity to express your personality and lifestyle  with the veteran craftsmen who offers great quality of work to making your home a special place to live-in.

  • 8

    Crafts & Treasures, offer unique art and craft items which are antique as well on very reasonable rates.

  • 9

    Gotta Paint, offers a wide variety of ceramic pieces ranging from pots, bowls, mugs and plates that provide you the opportunity to paint and make your own designs without any prior experience or talent.

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