How to Create a Painting from a Photo

You have found something amazing on the internet and you are eager to put in on paper. Art is not an easy field to choose but if you are passionate about it, it can yield you infinite returns. It is important to understand that being an artist is no different than any other profession because it is a talent as well and equivalent to finance, marketing, engineer or doctor. They can’t do what an artist can do and similarly, an artist can’t save lives of people in a hospital or build bridges or maintain a strong cash flow. Unfortunately, the public these days believe that artists are mad people and they possess no right to live on this planet. However, if you are courageous enough to fight the world and prove your worth, you can pick up a pencil and start making photos.


  • 1

    You have found the picture on the internet. Just print it out in the size that you want to paint.

  • 2

    You need to buy a wax paper from the market. Get a well sharpened pencil and a good quality paper for the drawing purposes.

  • 3

    Fix the wax paper on the top of the image with the shiny side down. You can do that with the help of the scotch tape.

  • 4

    Now the hard part begins. You have to trace down the image in a way that you draw the foreground and background lines or maybe you can add the high contrast areas as well but don’t draw the rest. This is just the outline of the image so don’t panic. Just do whatever you are told. Remember you are drawing all this on the wax paper.

  • 5

    Now detach the wax paper from the top of the image and flip it on the high quality paper that will contain your final painting.

  • 6

    Trace the lines that are being drawn on the wax paper. Trace them carefully so that there are no deviations from the original image. Push them hard to get it traced clearly but make sure you don’t press it hard enough that it tears the paper.

  • 7

    Remove the wax paper or rather peel it off. However, make sure that the lines are left behind so that they can guide you for the rest of the painting process.

  • 8

    Paint the photograph now.

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