How to Draw Anime Hair Step by Step

Anime characters are extremely popular not only among children but also with teenagers. Many people enjoy the looks that are designed for anime characters and wish to make their own version of these characters at home. These characters can be made with ease but the most difficult part is drawing the hair. You must look at the minute details when you give a shape to your character. You can draw the hair by following a set of easy steps and can give your respective character the desired look.

Things Required:

– Paper
– Pencil
– Eraser
– Pencil sharpener
– Colour pencils or crayons


  • 1

    Draw the outline of a head and the hairline

    First of all, you need to draw the outline of the head of the character. The hair will only suit the character if it suits the face. After making a rough sketch of the face, nose and ears, draw the hairline. This will make it easy for you as you will know where to start from.

  • 2

    Draw the hairstyle

    This is probably the most important thing. You should know the type of hairstyle you require. For example, if the character is a male, there are a variety of hairstyles you can use. There are spikes, long hair, gelled back hair or a combed down hairstyle, all of which create certain types of looks. Decide on the hairstyle you want, and draw a rough outline on the head. The hair should be drawn in accordance with the hairline.

  • 3

    Add further details

    Then add more details so that the hair looks more realistic. You can add detailed lines to the hair so that they give the character a more defined look.

  • 4

    Erase all unnecessary lines from the picture

    Once you have settled on the perfect look for the hair, erase all the unnecessary lines from the picture so that the face becomes clearer. This includes those lines that were drawn as outlines.

  • 5

    Add colours

    After you are finished with the look, give the finishing touches. You need to add colour to the character’s hair, and the colour scheme is extremely important. You can opt for a more traditional look by using shades like brown, yellow, or black, or go for a more unconventional look with brighter colours like red or even pink and turquoise.

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