How to Paint Faux Leather Finish

Having a great look to the interior gives a great feeling. It not only impresses those who see it but also provides you with a satisfaction that the choice you made was right.

If you are looking for some more satisfaction, you can do the interior finishing yourself. One of the things you can do with your interiors is to add a paint faux leather finish to your walls. It does not cost a fortune and you can very easily do it at home yourself with some very basic tools.


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    Base Coat

    The first thing to give your wall a faux leather finish with paint is to apply the base cream. Make sure that you cover the edges of the wall to ensure that the paint does not go outside the intended area. The cream is available at most hardware stores. Grab one from the paint section and put it on the wall. Once you have applied the base coat, let it dry for a while.

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    Texturing Tool

    If you want to do most things by yourself, you can make one yourself. You will need chamois cloth for this purpose. Cut the cloth into several 2” by 4” strips. Place all the strips at your hand and make a semi brush by putting them together with the help of a rubber band. The tool is also available in the market but you can save some money by simply making this very basic tool yourself.

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    Add Glaze

    Mix tan coloured paint and glazing medium in the paint tray to make paint for the top coat. Once you have the desired colour, paint the edges of the wall with a thin brush. This will help in getting fine paint job without much dripping onto the other wall. For the inner parts of the wall, use a normal roller as you would in any paint job.

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    Blot off Some Glaze

    Now dip the chamois cloth tool in water and squeeze out excess water from it. Dab it on the wall to get some of the glaze off the wall. When the glaze appears to dry, press the damp cloth against the wall as it will help soften the glaze.

    Work in patches as glaze dries up quickly. Apply glaze and then give it the texture with the help of chamois cloth tool and then a rag. The wall should have an excellent faux leather finish.

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