How to Landscape Plants for Sunny Locations

There is no doubt in that sunlight plays an important role in growth of plants as they usually require at least six hours of sunlight per day. However, if your plants are exposed to ultra violet rays of the sun then it can damage them. Here comes the importance of landscaping in the garden.

By placing your plants properly, you can make best out of gardening with little effort. Moreover, you also need to pick those plants that can survive against the sun. You need to locate your plants in a way that ensures enough water for every plant.


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    First of all you should measure the sunny area and then divide your courtyard garden in to different sections. Make sure that you have enough space to reach the centre of the garden. Similarly, make a passage for water otherwise you will have to put extra effort to irrigate your plants. Remember to take your time as you divide your garden in to sections.

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    Use stones or marking posts to make borders of every quarter. This will help you to plant the herbs in symmetry. Moreover, you can also follow a theme if you have properly defined quarters. Remember, it will be a mess if you won’t plant the herbs in proper manner.

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    Your next step will be to prepare the soil for plantation. For this purpose, plough the small field properly as it will make the surface soft for your plants and you will see rapid growth. Do not use fertilizers without any purpose. Moreover, keep the soil moist so that your plants can survive the intense sunlight.

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    Place your herbs in a way that every plant of big height is providing enough shelter to small ones. However, be careful while applying this technique as sometimes small plants fail to get enough water and nourishing elements. Plant from north to south as it will reduce the effects of morning and evening shadows.

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    While planting, play with colours which means you should place the plants of different colours in the same quarter. You can follow a rainbow theme as it can make your garden more appealing. Landscape in layers, place taller and brighter plants in front and plants of neutral colours in the back.

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    You must take care of space between the plants otherwise they won’t get proper sunlight. Moreover, proper distance between them ensures sufficient amount of water for every plant.

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