How to Shade a Flower Rose

It is difficult to draw plant or flower. The task is even more difficult when it comes to drawing a rose flower. Nevertheless, by following certain steps and having right tools, you can do the task, almost up to perfection. There can be some additional challenge if your are shading a flower for the first time, even if you have been taught how to draw a picture. The tricky part is drawing the petals of the flower, careful drawing of each line is essential in the entire project of drawing. You can have the picture of the flower in front of you while drawing and it might make the process a bit easier for you.


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    Graphite Pencil

    It is an art how you hold the graphite pencil while drawing the picture and shading the petals. It is recommended to hold the pencil at an angle, otherwise, you cannot give shades to petals where the light does not reach. The entire task of drawing of the rose flower depends on your technique of holding the picture. It can give shade to the flower up to perfection. Look at the picture/drawing carefully, and shade the inside areas of the flower or petals, where you have missed while drawing.

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    Creating Perfect Look

    There are many ways to rub your drawing that you have just created. The best way is to use facial tissue, it is an effective tool to create a perfect look. You can also use your finger, but it might not finish the look as perfect you can do through the use of the facial tissue. Another tool is the purpose made shading tool, which you can buy at a craft store at a reasonable price. It is the most tricky part of the project and you should take special care to execute this part.

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    Erase Over-shaded Area

    You should immediately erase the areas beyond your outline, which you might have shaded accidentally. Leaving without erasing will destroy the look of your picture/drawing. If you take care while shading the petals, it is less likely you will shade the areas out of the outline, but you should erase immediately, even if you have done it anyway.

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    Final Look

    Give a final look to your shaded flower in a brightly lit area, and if you are left with any patches unmarked or shaded, do it again carefully. Also, you might have some shading crossing over lines, you can erase them again. The final step is to brush off your eraser and this makes your project finished.

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