How to Make an Art Portfolio on CD

Every artist, or art student needs to make an art portfolio. Normally these portfolios are rather huge, and contain the actual artwork that the artist has created.

This tends to lead to the whole portfolio getting rather bulky and very difficult to move around. As a result, some people have now started to adopt a new method to do things.

They tend to put their entire art portfolio on a CD, which makes life a whole lot easier for them and everyone else who is interested in looking at their portfolio.

CD’s are easily portable and can be moved around just about anywhere, making them the ideal tool for being used as a source to hold your portfolio.


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    Select the very best artwork

    Now the first step to creating your CD portfolio is to go on and select your very best artwork. If you want to include all the artwork that you have created, then you should organize your work based on which pieces are better than others.

    This is going to take some time, so you need to carefully think this through and categorize and organize your work accordingly.

    Try and do this over a period of time, since rushing into things could make your overlook just what pieces are actually better than others.

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    Take pictures, scan

    Now the next step is to convert all your artwork into a digital form so that it can be burned onto a CD. This is done in two ways.

    Firstly, the small pieces that can easily be scanned should be scanned right away. This will ensure that they get the maximum quality when they are turned into a digital form.

    Now if some pieces are too big for the scanner, or just can’t be scanned you can take high quality digital images of those items. Make sure that you ensure that you are using a very high quality camera, since compromising on quality could ruin your portfolio.

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    Burn to CD and ship out

    After having done all the steps listed above, the next step is to burn your digitally converted work onto a CD. This CD should have ample space on it, so that it can easily hold all the data that you want it to hold.

    After you burn it onto the CD, you may add a label to it, which could state just what is in the CD. This can be done either by using a marker, or by printing a label out specially.

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