How to Choose a Color Scheme

People often get confused while choosing a color scheme for their room. In most cases, the reason is their inability to decide which color is the best for their room while in some cases; they just cannot pick a color that goes with the furniture and other stuff that is placed in the room. While choosing a color scheme for your room, keep in mind that it should complement your furniture and other stuff otherwise it will look odd. An individual must choose his favourite colors and then select the furniture accordingly.


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    Identify your favourite color

    If an individual is confused about his/her favourite colors or have multiple favourites and is unable to pick from one of them, he should first think hard about the color. You must identify your favourite color and decide whether you will use a single color in your room or you want to use multiple colors. If you want to use more than one color, you must make a plan regarding how and where you wish to use them in your room.

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    Take ideas

    It is preferred that an individual must take ideas from magazines or available decorating booklets. As there are dozens of shades in each color, therefore, you must identify which shade of a particular color you wish to apply to your room. These will not only provide you information regarding the shades of colors, but you will be able to get more ideas about how you should decorate your room. These will give you better insight on what type of curtains, carpets or cabinets an individual should use.

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    Evaluate color according to room’s lighting

    After you have chosen the colors, you must analyse it according to the lighting of your room. If you have painted dark colors on your walls then you must ensure that your room’s lighting is not dim otherwise everything will look darker. It is recommended that if you have painted your wall with dark colors, you must choose the lighting accordingly.

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    Use the same color on multiple places

    You must apply the choosing color at multiple places otherwise it will portray that you had little interest in the color. Remember that, all colors should complement each other as it is very important for an elegant look.

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    Colors should be compatible with other rooms

    The colors should also be compatible with the color scheme used in other rooms.

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