How To Custom Paint an Electric Guitar

You may have bought a used electric guitar because you did not have the resources to purchase a new one. Since the guitar was used, it may require being custom painted before it will look appealing to the eyes. Custom painting an electric guitar is a fairly easy task. You will not need any specialised painting tools or any special paintwork skills. Here is what you will need in order to custom paint an electric guitar and make it look new once again.

Things Required:

– Paint
– Primer
– Paintbrush
– Fine-grit sandpaper
– Screwdriver


  • 1

    Ready the guitar for painting by removing the frets. Additionally, remove the pick guard if you plan on replacing it with a new one. After you have removed the frets and the pick guard, remove the neck from the guitar’s body with a screwdriver. Finally, attend to the knobs and strings cases and remove them as well.

  • 2

    Remove the guitar’s original paint by sanding the guitar with fine-grit sandpaper. Keep sanding until the surface of the guitar is completely smooth. This will make your work much easier and will also ensure that the paint sticks to the guitar properly. You may have to first peel off the old paint and then get rid of the excess paint by adding paint stripper.

  • 3

    Apply a thin coat of primer with a clean brush. Brush on the primer as evenly as possible. You may want to purchase a spray-on primer if you do not want to spend too much time priming the guitar. Let the primer to dry completely before moving to the next step

  • 4

    Start by painting the electric part of the guitar. Make sure that you apply a uniform layer of paint on all parts of the guitar to ensure that the paint does not drip or cause dark spots on the guitar. Choose as many colour and designs as you like. Let the paint dry completely.

  • 5

    To seal the paintwork against daily wear and tear, apply a clear coating of polyurethane on the painted areas of the electric guitar. After you have applied the coat of polyurethane, set aside the guitar for at least a couple of days.

  • 6

    When the paint has dried completely, reattach guitar parts that you removed earlier. These include frets, the pick guard, knobs, strings cases and the neck.

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