How to Landscape a Hillside With Rocks

A landscape on the hillside gives you a challenge to somehow prevent the erosion and creating an area which seems to be attractive despite being on a slope. All the homeowners or even the land owners have to somehow evaluate a number of things which might include climate, the amount of sunlight and also the structure of the hillside which you have chosen. The factors which might come into play can include the quality of soil and the amount of rock and clay. Moreover, you also need to know how to irrigate the area. It is totally up to you how you have to design the area you have chosen.


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    You have to start off with a shovel so that you depict whether there is enough soil near the plants which are always deep-rooted since they are on a slope. A little bit of grass will be present right at the end of the soil, which is required by most. There are about four sites which you need to pick from the hillside. Now, you must try to use the shovel in order to dig at least 15 inches at each and every location you have chosen. Try to use plants and rocks in order to prevent erosion.

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    Now you may have to look for some rocks or even boulders on the internet, or at any shop which might give them to you at a cheaper price. Always prefer colours which you think are the best. Other factors that might play a significant role might be weight and size. A good example can be taken from red or black lava boulders. They can easily be embedded right around the hillside and they seem to be extremely dazzling.

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    Now you should try and get hold of a hose which is long enough so that it can reach the hillside. Then, select the plants that you want to combine with the rocks. These plants will add an extremely beautiful image once they are combined with the rocks you have chosen. Trees and grass can be used so that a little shade is added to the planting which has been done on the slope.

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    Now you must use the boulders which are on the hillside and you must place them in such a way that they add a totally natural effect. Now dig another hole, which is not as deep as the first one. Then make a border on the hole with gravel.

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