How to Deliver an Acceptance Speech

No matter how skilful you are, delivering a speech is never an easy task as it requires communication skills and self-confidence of the highest category. Most successful speeches are well-prepared and the person who is expected to speak to the audience is forewarned. However, this is not the case all the time. There are some impromptu moments as well. For example, you can be in a situation where you are required to deliver an acceptance speech on the spot, upon receiving an award, with the winner being announced at the last minute.

Even if you are unprepared, you need to have belief in your own self and do not let the situation dominate you.


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    Preparation is one of the most important factors behind a good speech. If you have been informed in advance about the award or even if you are just a nominee, you must come well-prepared to deliver a good acceptance speech. Write down your speech just to make sure that you do not miss any important point(s) and then read the speech again and again in front of a mirror. The speech should be properly memorised as it will enhance your confidence level.

    A good speech basically has three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure that the speech is making logical sense and communicating the message appropriately to the audience.

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    Know your audience

    One of the keys behind a successful acceptance speech is to know your audience. Delivering the speech in a language which is not familiar to the audience will just ruin the goal behind this activity. It is highly recommended that you keep your message and the words very simple as it will help you communicate well to the listeners. Avoid using difficult words or technical jargons because you are likely to lose interest of the audience in such a case.

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    Be humble

    You should try to connect to the audience on an equal footing and try to be as humble as possible. Do not give any sign of arrogance while delivering an acceptance speech as it is going to leave a bad impression on the audience.

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    A good sense of humour is appreciated in an acceptance speech. Do not shy away from throwing in a light joke or a banter, which makes the audience laugh. However, do not be disrespectful towards anyone.

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