How to Write an Article Headline

The headline is the most important part of any article that helps in grabbing the attention of the reader. That is why every writer puts emphasis on creating an effective and relevant headline that could serve his or her purpose well.

Headline is basically the crux or summarised sentence of the whole story. You need to be very careful in writing an article headline as there are many elements that a writer should keep in mind while writing one. Take guidance from this post to learn how to write an article headline.


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    First of all, you should understand the benefits of a great catchy headline for your article. Readers always look at the headline first and if it is interesting to them, they will read the whole article. However, if the heading is written in a plain or boring way, they will not show any interest and will overlook your article.

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    You should focus on the theme or message of your article while writing the headline. It will help you to generate a relevant attention grabbing headline. It will not only entice the reader but will also justify the whole story.

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    You can also use a buzz word that has become commonly used in headlines. It helps in increasing the interest of readers. However, make sure that it is completely compatible with the main story or context of the article which will bring you the desired response.

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    Superlative degree is generally used while writing an article headline. Words like worst, hottest and most are quite catchy as they appeal to the readers to stop for a while to read the article. For instance, readers will immediately get attracted towards the article containing titles like “Worst movies of 2013” or “Most sold android phones of 2013”.

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    You need to keep the article headline as short as possible because long titles always become confusing and thus lose their effectiveness. Short headline are usually very effective in producing interest in readers and chances are high that they will read your whole article.

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    Your article headline should be easy to understand because not all people are capable enough to get the idea behind a headline that has highly elevated or difficult words. So, try to keep it simple which will be more effective.

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